In 2017, Indagro has successfully completed the acquisition of Experts for Food Industries and Olive Gardens to be part of its portfolio.

Experts was founded in 2007. The aim of the company was to capitalize on Egypt’s strength in the field of food industries and export the Egyptian products. In addition to the trading, this was a needed crucial one for the study of the Egyptian & International markets in depth and standing upon the explicit needs to be fulfilled. The trade business took off successfully through the exporting of various products ranging from pickled olives, table oil (sunflower& corn) and tomato paste double brix in tin cans.  

 In 2008, the business for exporting tomato paste has grown substantially and Experts needed to secure the supply of the product due to the highly fluctuating supply of the raw material (fresh tomatoes) for the tomato concentrate. To achieve such, Experts turned to a different strategy where it leased production lines for the production of the tomato concentrate and the final product in a factory in Alexandria for couple of years and exported all the production to several countries in the Middle East including Libya & Palestine.

As the business kept growing, the company took the decision to establish Experts for Food Industry, a factory based in Bani Swaif Industrial area specialized in the production and supply of tomato past. Experts succeeded through the years to be an approved supplier for all major Tomato producers in Egypt including Heinz , Rashidy & Harvest.

Parallel to Tomato Paste industry, Olive Gardens’ management team has 7 years of experience in exporting olives and Fresh Fruits. Key export markets are Spain, Greece, Italy and Libya.