About Us

In 2017, Indagro has successfully completed the acquisition of Experts for Food Industries and Olive Gardens to be part of its portfolio.

Experts was founded in 2007. The aim of the company was to capitalize on Egypt’s strength in the field of food industries and export the Egyptian products. In addition to the trading, this was a needed crucial one for the study of the Egyptian & International markets in depth and standing upon the explicit needs to be fulfilled. The trade business took off successfully through the exporting of various products ranging from pickled olives, table oil (sunflower& corn) and tomato paste double brix in tin cans.  

Board of Directors

Karim joined Qalaa Holdings, a Cairo based PE firm that has since transformed into an Investment Holding Company He joined in 2004 as the 3rd management partner, and has had a much diversified sectoral and regional experience over these years, including a very strong network in Sub Saharan Africa. He currently heads the firm’s investments in the Transport and Logistics sector.

Karim Sadek

Chairman and CEO of Experts for food Industries. Ibrahim has 15 years of experience in the field of food industries, 10 of which in tomato paste industry. Ibrahim is board member in several companies including Life Coaching Egypt for Training and Consulting “LCE”, International Co. For Export & Import “Choco Chocola”.

Ibrahim El Attar

Board Member and Chief Operations Officer of Experts for Food Industries with more than 24 years of progressively responsible leadership positions in “Enjoy” ending as a supply chain director. Marwa has played a major role in the success story of “Enjoy” until it became the second biggest market share after “Juhayna” till Year 2007”.

Marwa Farid